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“A client owed my Spanish real estate business a substantial sum and despite signing a document drawn up by her lawyers agreeing to pay, would not reply to communications from her lawyers or from us. I instructed Liebermann Group to recover the debt and throughout the case they kept me fully informed, eventually securing a court judgement, upon which followed the transfer of the total debt owing to us. Naturally we are delighted with the outcome and I would recommend Liebermann Group debt recovery services without hesitation.”
                                                         Eric Wilson, Watkins Wilson 

“As this now concludes all matters I would like to express my appreciation for the efficient and indeed professional matter in which our affairs were dealt with. Should similar cases arise in the future we will of course contact you.”

                                             Eamon Murphy, Director, Amlac Limited       


“Although a rare occurrence, we ran into difficulty with a client who would not pay, we engaged Liebermann Group who dealt with the issue efficiently, professionally

                    and most importantly, we got paid within days”

                          Paolo Iacovelli, Director - PharmaConex Limited

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